The Stella Prize

The Stella Prize is a literary award celebrating Australian women's writing.  It is an annual prize celebrating Australian women's contribution to literature, and is named after Stella Maria Sarah 'Miles' Franklin. Both non-fiction and fiction books by Australian women are eligible for entry.  The winning book will be original, excellent and engaging.


The prize awards one female writer, the winner of the Stella Prize, with a monetary prize of $50,000.  The Stella Prize also seeks to raise the profile of books by women generall, and specifically through its events program, longlist and shorlist.  In doing so, the Stella Prize encourages future generations of women writers by providing role models and improving the level of recognition for Australian women's writing.


The Stella Prize Schools Program


Education Resource Kit



As the Stella Prize seeks to recognise and support women writers, and bring more readers to their work, the Stella Prize Schools Program aims to provide role models for girls, encourage the inclusion of more texts by Australian women on school syllabi, and promote wider reading of books by female authors among both girls and boys.


The Stella Prize Schools Program Education Kit offers teaching notes on all the Stella Prize shortlisted books to date.  These teaching notes, for Years 10 to 12, are divided into three broad themes - Identity, History and Place - and all of the notes include links to the Australian Curriculum.