St. Kilda Gatehouse                                        


St Kilda Gatehouse is a safe haven which street sex workers and those with life controlling addictions experience as 'their place'. It operates on the principles of inclusiveness by:

  • providing a safe, positive, non-stigmatising and inclusive environment
  • providing supportive and responsive services
  • creating a strong sense of community, ownership and belonging.

It is founded on principles of inclusiveness, unconditional support, service, and social justice, and believes every person is worthy of a 'home' environment and a 'way in' to resources and participation in vocational, family, community, social and political life. The St Kilda Gatehouse operates within a community development model, where the approach taken is guided by the identified needs of those who use the services. The space provides a safe, homely environment as well as crisis and emergency aid, toiletries, food, clothing and someone to talk to.


CEO Sally Tonkin gave an inspirational TEDx talk on June 25, 2015 'She's someone: Humanising women involved in street based sex work'.


Andyinc Foundation have been supporters since 2009.


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Commercial Sexual Exploitation is a significant issue for many who have experienced childhood trauma, poverty and a lack of traditional supports.  Engagement in commercial sex tends to be closely linked with drug addiction and homelessness.  

Gatehouse identified a need in Dandenong and a gap in services for a 'safe place' for young women who are affected by the developing street sex market.  In line with all Gatehouse programs, the Young Women's Project model works with a 'strengths based' approach.  This means that each young woman receives appropriate interventions and services to best suit her needs.  

There are six core components to the model: Open-Door Centre, Wrap Around services, flexible outreach support, group work, a mentoring program and service collaboration and consultation.

To ensure the long-term sustainability of this important and large project, Andyinc Foundation provided funding to develop a sustainable fundraising model.  The fundraising business model will set out a model of fundraising to ensure that funds sourced from government, philanthropic organisations, donors, events, etc. are maximised.  Andyinc will work closely with the Helen MacPherson Smith Trust.



 The Transit Program was a pilot which worked with six women wishing to exit street sex work. It included life skills training and peer discussion around various topics including managing finances, how to manage in a 'straight' world, etc. The objectives of the pilot project were achieved with all of the women attending now engaged in other programs relating to transitioning out of street sex work. The Mosaic art project provided materials for the women who use St Kilda Gatehouse to design and create a mosaic art piece, which is now proudly mounted on the outside brick wall of their building. The women decided on the final design, which reflects the heart and warmth of the daily life at St Kilda Gatehouse.


Andyinc Foundation have been supporters since 2011.



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