Andrew has a long involvement with Investment, Film, Property development and Philanthropy.


He is the Founder and Managing Director of Sestriere Investments Pty Ltd, a private investment vehicle established in 1985.

Berry Street                                           


Established in 1877 as the Victorian Infant Asylum, Berry Street’s core activity has always been protecting children and strengthening families. Today, Berry Street is the largest independent child and family services organisation in Victoria. 

Berry Street helps children, young people and families recover from the devastating effects of violence, abuse and neglect. Berry Street has helped over 15,000 Victorians over the past year, and focuses on the right of every child to grow up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future through a good childhood.



The program provides opportunities for young people to join in recreational and adventure based activities in the Gippsland Wilderness.

Our experienced program staff encourage and guide the young people to provide a safe and non-directive environment with an emphasis on self-discovery.

Through exciting experiences, ranging from bush-walking, white water rafting, and fishing, the young people are challenged to produce new ways of coping with stress and conflict.



Andyinc Foundation funded the Gippsland Wilderness Program to assist teenagers in early adolescence who are at high risk of becoming disengaged with schooling. The Gippsland Wilderness Program hopes to deliver 4 camps per year with 8 young people on each camp. Taking young people out of the classroom encourages them to develop new resources, relationships and strategies, which are then incorporated into their daily lives. The program helps young people develop new strategies to face subsequent challenges. The funding provided by Andyinc was used to cover camp equipment, travel expenses and food. 


Andyinc Foundation have been supporters of this project since 2015.