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Project Type: Past Project

Delivery Date: 2005


On a Friday after a horrific train crash, three newsmen in Adelaide must take stock: Nick, a photojournalist, learns he has cancer; Andy, a writer with two children who has a bad relationship with his ex, learns his girlfriend Anna is pregnant; Phil, an editor, realizes he's missing his children's growing up. That afternoon, Meryl, an artist who illustrates sympathy cards and constantly imagines disasters, witnesses a train accident kill a man. At the crash site, she meets Nick, and a relationship flowers over the next three days which makes them both question their lives, wants and needs. Nick's mother, Andy's kids and ex, the dead man's girlfriend, the driver of the train, and his son round out an ensemble of grief and sorrow as each character becomes linked to another through the train accident. Can decisions to act bring hope?


Director: Sarah Watt

Producer: Bridget Ikin

Executive Producer: Andrew Myer

Writer: Sarah Watt

Starring: William McInnes, Justine Clarke


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Best Film - (AFI Australia Awards), Best Film - (FCCA Australia Awards), Best Director - Sarah Watt  (AFI Australia Awards), Best Director - Sarah Watt (FCCA Australia Awards), New Directors Award - Sarah Watt (San Sebastian International Film Festival), Best Original Screenplay - Sarah Watt (AFI Australia Awards), Best Original Screenplay - Sarah Watt (FCCA Australia Awards), Best Actor in a lead role - William McInnes (FCCA Australia Awards), Best Supporting Actor - Anthony Hayes (AFI Australia Awards), Best Asia Pacific Film - Film Critics Jury Award (Brisbane International Film Festival), Best Editor - Denise Haratzis (FCCA Australia Awards), Discovery Award  (Toronto International Film Festival).