Sacred Heart Mission

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Sacred Heart Mission addresses homelessness and disadvantage by providing a range of diverse and creative services that:

  • ensure people have access to necessities including housing, food and healthcare
  • enable people to connect with their community and develop support networks that sustain and nurture their lives.



J2SI is a three year initiative that aims to improve the health, well-being, and the social and economic participation of people who are chronically homelesss. J2SI provides intensive, long-term support for each person including therapeutic and skills building services. J2SI is a significant departure from existing approaches. It draws on local and international research that shows that individuals who are chronically homeless can make a permanent transition out of homelessness when they are provided with individually tailored, on-going, intensive support that is linked to appropriate and affordable housing. Co-funders of J2SI include the Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund, The Peter & Lyndy White Foundation, RE Ross Trust, William Buckland Foundation managed by ANZ Trustees, Victorian Government, St Mary's Parish East St Kilda, the Limb Family Foundation, Cabrini Health and the Orcadia Foundation.


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